Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited

Regulations Administration Department Product Development Division

GPO Box 2006S


ATTENTION: Mr Philip McKenzie



Dear Mr McKenzie

I refer to the recent submission(s) for the Approval number 38469, held by Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited.

Please find attached a list of evidence items which have been appended to this Approval. Please note, if there were other evidence items included in your submission(s) which are not listed here, those items are not yet considered to form part of your Approval.


Yours sincerely

for Administrator of Vehicle Standards

04 January 2012

Amendment to Approval No.: 38469

Issue Date: 04 January 2012

The Schedule 4 from the Approval issued on 16 December 2011 is amended to include the following :

ADR Document Reference from evidence item

47/00 47-J200-01a