Equipcon Pty Ltd

PO Box 570

South Morang VIC 3752

ATTENTION: Mr Carlo Guardiani



Dear Mr Guardiani

I refer to the recent submission(s) for the Approval number 42424, held by Equipcon Pty Ltd.

Please find attached a list of evidence items which have been appended to this Approval. Please note, if there were other evidence items included in your submission(s) which are not listed here, those items are not yet considered to form part of your Approval.

Please note that you are required to comply with the additional conditions specified in the attached Schedule 5.

Yours sincerely

Umesh Shamdasani

Associate Administrator of Vehicle Standards

25 June 2015

Amendment to Approval No.: 42424

Issue Date: 24 June 2015

The Schedule 4 from the Approval issued on 18 March 2015 is amended to include the following :

ADR Document Reference from evidence item

04/05 (also satisfying 04/04) 4-EQP-4

04/05 4-EQP-4


Approval No.: 42424 Issue Date: 24 June 2015

Schedule 5




1. This approval is for a second-stage-of-manufacture EQUIPCON C PUMP DAF CF 7585 8x4 based on first-stage Approval No. 29025 DAF CF 7585 8x4 issued on 20th November 2002.

2. The vehicle does not comply with ADR 43/04, Clause 6.2.3, the "rear overhang" is greater than 3.7 metres.

Use of the vehicle may be subject to conditions imposed by State & Territory Registering Authorities.

3. The Licensee to whom this Approval is given may not place identification plates to more than 100 vehicles each financial year to vehicles in the vehicle category specified in Schedule 2. This vehicle limit applies regardless of the number of Approvals the Licensee may hold.

4. The Licensee must obtain all identification plates from a plate contractor approved by the Administrator. Currently the contractor approved by the Administrator for the supply of Identification Plates is:-

Niddrie Nameplates Pty Ltd

P.O. Box 106


VIC 3042

Phone: (03) 9335 2977

Facsimile: (03) 9335 4357