ADR Applicability TB

   This table shows the current and future ADRs applicable for TB category vehicles at the

   date shown on this page.  For a standard vehicle approval we require at least one SE form

    for each of the ADRs shown with as Mandatory and with the approval date in between

   the Start and End dates.  In some cases that SE form may be to state that the ADR is not

   applicable to the particular vehicle model.  ADRs with a  N in the Mandatory? column

CATEGORY  ADR      Alternat    Mandatory?     New           All Model   New Model    All Model

                             e ADR                         Model           Start        End Date      end Date


  TB            23/02                  Y                   1/01/2009        1/01/2100

  TB            38/02                  Y                                      1/07/1998     31/12/2008    30/06/2009


  TB            38/03                  Y                   1/01/2009        1/07/2009

  TB            62/02                  Y                   1/01/2009        1/07/2009

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