RVCS SE Form Problems

This page last updated 8/01/13

In order to be able to quickly respond to industry, the SE Form Development Team has created an email address specifically for reporting problems and errors on SE Forms. This facility is solely for reporting of incidences where the SE (or SF) form does not reflect the requirements of the ADR (or SF Circular) or you believe that there is a problem with the normal behaviour of the form.

When submitting a report of a problem to the SE Form development team, first ensure that you have:

  • Checked to ensure that you are using the latest revision template available at the Form Download Page.
  • Ensured you have correctly completed all of the required fields on the form.
  • Attached a data file (____.ifm) created and saved on the template in question clearly showing the fault with a note.
  • Explained clearly and concisely in the body of the email the problem, quoting all clauses where you believe that the form does not reflect the ADR.

We will endeavour to respond to your email within 10 working days.

Send an email to the SE Form development team.

8/01/13 The SE Form Development Team is aware of an issue to do with date fields.
Historically, some users may have entered dates in these fields in a shorthand manner, e.g. 8 January 2012 entered as 8-1-12. In the past this has worked satisfactorily as the date fields are formatted to display the full date correctly, but since the start of 2013 an error has caused dates entered in this way to display incorrectly (e.g. 8-1-13 will display as 13/08/2001).
The issue has been investigated and seems to be a bug in Desktop eForms itself. The problem will only occur for the first 12 days of each month.
Until a solution can be found, users are advised to either enter the full year (e.g. 8-1-2013) or to enter only the day and month (e.g. 8-1) in which case the current year will be automatically included.