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Licensees must register with RVCS before they are able to submit certification applications. Other participants also need to be registered. You may obtain registration forms from the RVCS CD, the ADR Subscription CD, or by downloading the forms from here.



Your name or the name of the company for which you work. Name is required to complete your registration.

You must tick at least one of the following check boxes to complete your registration:


The legal entity ultimately responsible for ensuring that compliance plates are only fixed to vehicles meeting the requirements of the Motor Vehicles Standards Act, or specified in the Compliance Plate Approval.

A Delegate is a person authorised by the licensee to ensure adherence to the terms and conditions of the Compliance Plate Approval.

A Signatory is a person authorised by the delegate to act on behalf of the licensee for the purpose of obtaining a Compliance Plate Approval(CPA). A signatory can be an employee of the licensee or an Agent.


A person nominated by a delegate to act as signatory on the licensees behalf. Usually Agents are consultants providing a certification service to the licensee.

Agents must be registered either before being nominated on a licensee registration form, or when the licensee registration form is submitted. They will not be able to login to the RVCS site until they have been nominated by a licensee. Agents can elect to be on a public list of registered agents or not.

Production Facility

The facility which manufacture (or substantially completes manufacture of) vehicles to which Compliance Plates are to be fitted.

A Production Facility can be registered independently or when nominated on an application for Compliance Plate Approval (CPA).

Design Facility

The facility which conducts the design (or substantially controls the design) of vehicles to which Compliance Plates are to be fitted.

A Design Facility can be registered independently or when nominated on an application for CPA (Compliance Plate Approval).

Test Facility

A facility which conducts tests for the purpose of providing evidence of compliance to the ADRs.

A test facility can be registered by filling out the Test Facility Registration Form and mailing or faxing it to the department

Conformance Body

A body external to Vehicle Safety Standards recognised by Vehicle Safety Standards as suitable for conducting audits in place of Vehicle Safety Standards's own COP (Conformity of Production) or TFI (Test Facility Inspection) audits.

A Conformance Body must be registered before it can be nominated by one of the Facilities.

Authority Type means the supervising authority who takes responsibility for the Conformance Body. If a conformance body operates under the supervision of an authority recognised by Vehicle Safety Standards, the conformance body will automatically be recognised upon application. If there is no supervising authority applicable then Vehicle Safety Standards will assume that role.


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