"Historic Information Only"

RVCS ADR 83/00 Stationary Noise “Signature” Data

The information on this page is historic as it relates to the Motor Vehicle Standrds Act 1989 (MVSA) which has been replaced with the Road Vehicle Standards Act 2018 (RVSA). For information on the RVSA, visit the Road Vehicle Standards laws webpage.

The following data is taken from tests conducted using the stationary noise test procedures in ADR 83/00.

This data is intended to be compared with the stationary noise emitted by a vehicle in service. The noise level of vehicles in service should not exceed the quoted figure by more than an amount decided by each jurisdiction.

If the vehicle cannot reach the stationary engine test speed specified in ADR 83/00, the engine speed used shall be 5 per cent below the maximum possible engine speed for that stationary test. The actual engine speed used during the ADR 83/00 test is stated in the data. This engine speed should also be used for in service checking.

For more information on the testing procedure please click here.

ADR 83/00 Stationary Noise “Signature” Data

The location of the compliance plate is shown using a "grid" location system based on a series of pictorial representations. Click here to view the AMBCB Grid Location system.

Information is not currently present for all vehicle make/models currently certified to ADR 83/00. This data will be progressively updated.