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Component Registration Numbers

RVCS has a transparent way of handling common use components.

In the former certification system (MVCS), a vehicle manufacturer who used a common use component (such as a trade side marker lamp) did not need to send the evidence for that component with their application. Instead, either the component manufacturer's reference number from the test evidence submitted by the component manufacturer, or the VSS evidence number, was quoted on Annex A of the vehicle application form.

The RVCS system operates in very much the same way, but the common use components are now issued a Component Registration Number(CRN).

These Component Registration Numbers (CRNs) need to be quoted on the relevant SE E-forms (Summary of Evidence E-forms), which allow space for several CRNs to be listed per form.

In the former system (MVCS), components did not get a make-model recorded. With CRNs they do.

To allow applicants to convert easily from the old system to the new, we have migrated all the existing common use components that we know of into CRNs. Each component gets a unique CRN and a make model. The make is the component manufacturer's name, the model is the component manufacturer's document reference number from the evidence plus the ADR number. You may serach for a CRN by going to the Certification Unit Search.

If you encounter any problems you can contact us via e-mail at rvcs@dotrs.gov.au, by fax on (02) 6274 6525 or by phone on (02) 6274 7766.

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