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The documents listed here are extracts from the ADR Applicability table used by RVCS to determine whether a vehicle model is Standard or Non-standard. The requirement for a Standard vehicle model is that at least one piece of acceptable evidence has been received for each applicable ADR. ADR Applicability is determined primarily by vehicle category. However, there are some ADRs which, whilst listed in the ADRs with a commencement date for a vehicle category, do not universally apply to all vehicle models in that category. For example, ADR 37/01 is not applicable to passenger cars (MA) which only have diesel engines.

In these cases RVCS uses the "80:20" rule. If 80% of the vehicle models within a category are likely to need to comply with an ADR, that ADR is deemed to be applicable to that vehicle category. So, ADR 37/01 is deemed to be applicable to MA category vehicles. Where a vehicle model is not required to comply with an otherwise applicable ADR, the SE form for the ADR has an option to indicate this. An SE form marked as not needing to comply counts as evidence. All such claims will be checked by evidence examiners, and so the form will initially be marked with a status of Received.

Mandatory ADRs (ie those deemed to be applicable) are shown with a "Y" in the Mandatory column.

Some ADRs are optional. These are shown with a "N" in the Mandatory column.

The "Alternative" column records which other ADRs are acceptable evidence. Please note, where an ADR lists a prior acceptable rule, but the text in the Applicability section (Section C) places conditions on the use of the prior accetpable rule (eg if the latest SAE standard is used) then the prior acceptable rule is not listed in the ADR applicability as an alternative. In this case, whilst the tests results obtained by testing to the earlier ADR may be acceptable, the test results must be examined against the later ADR. This examination is done by completing and submitting the later ADR's SE form

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