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Register of Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicles


Entry No.: 043/01

Schedule 1 Vehicle Details

Make :


Model :


Model Code :

F-150 (Light Duty)

Category :


Last Build Date :

2003 Model Year

Variants :



Schedule 2 Conditions

Only vehicles with the features listed below satisfy this entry

Engine: N/A

Body: N/A

Other: N/A


Schedule 3 Alternative Make and Model

Entry No: N/A

Entry No: N/A

This entry is made on the basis of criteria established under Regulation 24 of the Motor Vehicle Standards Regulations


Administrator of Vehicle Standards Issue Date 24 November 2003

Please Note

SEVS is a process for determining vehicle make/model eligibility only.

This SEVS Entry issued by the Administrator does not constitute automatic approval for importation of nor infers ADR compliance for supply of the vehicle to the Australian market.


Reasons for Decision

Entry No.: 43/01



Criteria Met


Different Silhouette to other popular NA vehicles


Unusual Design Features

Not Addressed



Not Addressed


Specialist Publications

Featured in "Wheels" publication.



Basis for Eligibility

The Full Volume compliance plate holder has advised the Administrator as per 24(5) of the Regulations that it agrees for the one-year period to be waived.

Regulation 24(4)(b)(ii)(A) and 24(4)(c)(ii). Model of vehicle has not been supplied in MA Category to the Australian market in Full Volume and meets 2 out of 4 criteria.

Eligibility for this model ends with 2003 Model Year vehicles as a new model was introduced from 2004 Model Year.